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Reviews for The Knitting Fairy
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What do you get when you combine a novice to the world of fiber working in a yarn shop with the owner, a mysterious, fairy-tale inspired character? You get Jaime Marsman's magical, whimsical story of "The Knitting Fairy" which is sure to be enjoyed by knitters everywhere. Penny Sitler, Executive Director of The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA), www.tkga.com

"Whenever an author combines stories and stitches, I smile. Jaime Marsman has done just that in her new book, 'The Knitting Fairy'. With a nod to Agatha Christie as well as fairy tales about Brownies who appear when no-one is looking to complete domestic tasks for those in need, Marsman has crafted a tale that combines mystery, fun, and knitting. Filled with phrases like, "she kitchnered Old Mrs. Harrison's toes together," "Oh, honey, let's go home and cable," and "as Louise reached into her small knitting bag, I had a distinct feeling of foreboding," knitters will find themselves laughing through each chapter, wondering who the knitting fairy could be!" Donna Druchunas, author of six knitting books including Arctic Lace, sheeptoshawl.com

"Amidst the characters, humour, and mystery is the fun of witnessing a non-knitter's assumptions and observations turn to affection and obsession. It made me wish to be a new knitter again!" Sally Melville, sallymelvilleknits.com, sallymelvilleknits.blogspot.com

"A page turning mystery with yarn shops and knitting - what else could you ask for!" Carol Feller, Author of Contemporary Irish Knits

A heartwarming and witty novel, guaranteed to make you smile. Molly Stevenson's new found love of yarn brings her comfort and friendship but leaves her with many unanswered questions. Appealing to the non-knitter as much as the knitaholic, this wonderful and enthralling mystery detailing the weird and wonderful goings on in Crabapple Yarns knitting store, will have you totally hooked." UK Hand Knitting Association, www.ukhandknitting.com

"It is obvious that Ms. Marsman is writing about what she knows: books, libraries and
 yarns. I really enjoyed following Molly's adventures in learning to knit and solving mysteries. The Knitting Fairy always keeps you guessing!" Alissa Barton, Owner, Knitting Fairy Yarn Studio, knittingfairy.com

“What I loved best about The Knitting Fairy is how perfectly Jaime captured that as knitters we actually fall in love with knitting. She reminded me of the butterflies, excitement, and joy of falling in love  with my first skein of luxury yarn, falling in love with perfectly tensioned stitches and the euphoria of completing my first project. Not only did The Knitting Fairy remind me of why I fell in love with knitting in the first place, it made me pause (as a deadline-driven professional) to think that I still need to stop and smell the roses from time to time.” Kristin Omdahl, Author of 6 knitting books, styledbykristin.com

"Well I finished the book and now I want another so, "please, may I have another" :-). It was a great read. I really enjoyed it!!!" Elena, Colorado

"What a great book to read, I could not put it down. It was fun reading about Molly as she learned how to knit. I can’t wait for another book to come out and see what Molly is up too. Thanks again for a great book." Judy, California

"I’ve just finished reading ‘The Knitting Fairy’ what a lovely story. As well as the mystery which keeps you turning the pages it’s a sweet tale of friendship and forgiveness with the added bonus of making you want to reach for the knitting needles and start a new project!! Jamie I think a sequel is needed, we need to know more about Molly and the Crabapple Yarn Crew." Carol, United Kingdom


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